The Throes

by M.H. & His Orchestra

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M.H. & His Orchestra Present:
The Throes

Song & Lyric written and arranged by M.H.

String arrangements written by Lady Viorii & Jack Tabby with acknowledgement from M.H.
Horn arrangements written by G. Emmit Splanky with acknowledgement from M.H.
Woodwind and Vocal arrangements written by Lucy LaCoeur with acknowledgement from M.H.
All arrangements were performed by The Orchestra, with exception of The Throes which features horn accompaniment courtesy of "The Elefant Brass" lead by G. Emmit Splanky.
Vocal arrangements performed by M.H. & Lucy LaCoeur with "The Champe Ford Recording Choir"

Recorded, Produced & Mastered at Champe Ford Studio.
Musical Director Alan Parrish
Produced by M.H. & Alan Parrish
Engineered by Thom Rickett and assisted by Melanie Zouzsk

All titles published by The Champe Ford Recording Co.
Elephants courtesy of Iscea
Colouring & Album Layout/Graphic Design by Maya the Bee


released July 30, 2012

The Orchestra Is:

Lady Viorii : Violin
Laurence Haas : Violin
Olivia Vert: Violin
Mordecai Messner: Violin

Jack Tabby : Viola
Roff Hackbye: Viola
Isser Epstien: Viola

Sebastian Brainard : Cello
Berman Cole: Cello
River Bencinco : Cello

D'artagnan : Upright Bass
Weatherford Slocum: Upright Bass

Clara Schultz : Harp
Cayetano Berdecia : Classical Guitar
Javier Espinoza : Classical Guitar
Jeremy "The Germ" Secundo : Slap-Bass on "Where Are You Going? (The Easy Song)"
Rodger Daniels : Banjo on "Melody From The Birds"
Benzo Nutilii : Mandolin
Lucy LaCoeur : Ukulele

G. Emmet Splanky: Tenor, Alto & Baritone Saxophone
Spiri Malphone : Soprano Saxophone
Jackson Ward : Trumpet
Guillermo Martinez : Trumpet
Peter Spuntz : Trombone
Victor Spuntz : French Horn
Kurt Bango: English Clag-Horn
Nils Hydecker : Euphonium
Marko Popović : Tuba

Lucy LaCoeur : Clarinet
Sophie Koulakynous : Clarinet
Tony Sabbatto : Oboe & Bassoon
Susana Ivonsky : Flute
Robert "The Manifold" Johnston : Piccolo Flute

"Co-Co" Glendale Peary : Auxiliary & Orchestral Percussion
Ebenezer "Eb" Spuntz : Timpani
George Batteur : Snare Drum
James "Jungle Beat" Benny : Drum-Set
Kalimbe Todor: Hand Percussion

Keyboards & Mallets:
Sindri Helgason : Marimba & Vibraphone
Ogmundur Helgason : Glockenspiel & Church Bells
Felix Azzola : Upright & Grand Piano
Garth VonVaughn : Wurlizter, Hammond, Rattle Bow, Pipe, Farfisa, Pump & Toy Organs, Clavinet & Electric Piano
Domino : Accordion
Lars Nilsson : Synthesizers

Max Holiday: Voice

Lastly, Theremin was provided by the late Alexei Savrasov. Deep condolences go to his family in their time of need.



all rights reserved


M.H. & His Orchestra Washington, D.C.

M.H. (Max Holiday) & His Orchestra are an orchestral pop group known for their explosive live performances and interestingly engineered recordings. Their penchant remains a powerful combo of danceable percussion, sweeping strings, blasting horns and an inviting mix of genre cross-overs with nods to old school R&B, Calypso, Latin, Čoček and century spanning Western pop music. ... more

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Track Name: Cobblestone
Please excuse me while I try to find an empty room or I might lose my shit.
Someplace with a window, where I can see the moon lay itself in that empty street.

Of cobblestone, cobblestone!
Cobblestone, cobblestone-
I need to feel it underneath my shoes!
Cobblestone, cobblestone,
I don't care where it goes, I just need to move.

Show me the nearest exit! You kids are pretentious and I don't want to hear anymore
about which artist has the "smartest" conviction of beauty-
Oh it's all such a bore!
I don't need a reason for what I believe in- but you insist that I don't know.
…If I knew how to tell you I'd spell it out right here, on the cobble stone.

Cobblestone, cobblestone
Cobblestones, take me home
to the smell of fresh coffee and produce stands
Cobblestone, cobblestone
I don't care where it goes!
I don't care where it goes!
… I just need to move
Track Name: The Train!
I remember waiting for the train
trying my best to change my name…

I hadn't shaved; I hadn't bathed
I looked strange "la-da-da-da-da"
but no one seemed to mind-
like me they were on their own time.

A landscape of hills and industrial yards
Old men drinking beer and playing cards…

I had no sense of modern time-
I felt like leaving my cell-phone behind!
Then I remembered the last words that I said to you:

"I'll take care!"
"I'll take care!"
"…Of you…"

My God! What have I done?
Maybe you were the only one…

And I can't afford the fare back home
the station's full, but I'm alone!
Are these the last honest words
that I'll ever say?

"I'll take care…"
I'll take care…"
I'll take care!"
I'll take care!"
Of you...

"Bye bye Marrianne! Bye bye! See 'ya never! It was great knowin' ya but I've gotta go- I'm takin' the train! Oh, you're such a sweetheart Marrianne but I gotta go baby! …Maybe one of these days our paths will meet but for now it's just "Me & The Train!"
Take care Marriane, I will."
Track Name: The Throes
I have escaped the line of fire; I'm now in 'The Throes'.
I'll cower until I'm tired, when expression moves slow…

I told myself I'd never go again!
I told myself I'd never go again!

When the morning wakes me from my rest, I don't know where I'll be
I'll lay my head on the beating chest of some sleeping beast
and I'll lament for what I've gained and laugh at what I've lost.

…If you wait for exclamation, I'm only good for instigation:
I'm not the mystery I prefer…
Track Name: Where Are You Going? (The Easy Song)
It's easy // (It's easy)
Oh, it's so easy // (So easy)

To make up your mind and leave despair behind!

Days drag with that aching pain that's wide and dull like a buried blade
and it feels so good to go insane, you wanna shave your head and change your name
and everything starts to look the same, why don't you sell your things and jump a plane
you're looking for some pretty thing to blame or a system that will never change
keep tellin' yourself, "It's such a shame!!"
then laze away in the cozy shade. (Where are you going??)

Get your head out of bed!
Get your head out of bed!
Where are you going?

Like I said: It's easy.
My friend it's so easy.
Just listen to me now.
It's easy!
Track Name: Marko, You Lie So Beautifully
I've found a beautiful way to lie,
I've found it's easy to watch you with a sad smile as I sing each dream to sleep.
Underground, a window is all I seek.

A good day is like the kiss of death, on the cheek- I've had enough! I want to leave!
But there's nowhere to go, so I'll just sleep.
I'll just sleep.

And I heard the owls call my name,
And I arose from the wood of my unremitting days:

But what could I do but let the moment fly?
I've found: a beautiful way to lie.
Track Name: Melody From The Birds
My love, my love! I'll sing to you now-
before this love is no longer ours…
I'm old enough to now know "the ways":
that time allows love to stray.

I've watched you swimming for an hour,
arranged a bouquet of wild-flowers
but these lines I write, they're only words…
I stole this melody from the birds.

But, do believe my honesty:
I know your heart's a tender thing--
and I can be a tender man…
"What is it you need?"
That's what I am!

I've watched you drying in the heat,
counted every freckle upon your cheek-
but when I sing it's only words!
I stole this melody, from the birds.
Track Name: The War
Somewhere, there's a war
But we do not know:
We, stay at home and see the news.

On the TV:
"But it's never safe to assume,
No it's never safe to assume:
That we've won!"

On the street:
"'Cos every war starts another war, every war starts another war!"

So, does that make us weak-
as we sit through the day?
Or, put ourselves on display
For a night, for a night.

On TV, a view of the street:
"Every war starts another war!"
Track Name: Night, Restless Night
Night, restless night.
What is there to do?
In my idle hours- what is there to do?

I'll count down the rain drops 'til morning comes-
to part the clouds.
I'll count down the rain drops 'til morning comes-
to part the clouds.

When the curtain falls:
Where will you be?
At the curtain call:
Where will you be?

Oh night, restless night.
Track Name: A Song For The Singer
I dug a grave for the poet, asked: "Your final words?"
He bit his own tongue.
I built a home for the hermit, said: "Here, live inside."
Then he locked me out.

So I cursed his warm night as I slept outside.

I asked a priest: "Where can a man find a decent meal?"
He said: "Son, come inside."
I asked a girl: "What is the nature of love?"
She kissed me, then she began to cry.

O, is it up for me to decide the way to live my life
when all I know are all these things that I've been shown-
and nothing satisfied me anymore!
And if this is all and all is now:
let those in need of rest lie down.

But can I wait another day?

A homeless man asked: "Oh boy, what kind of man are you?"
I said: "I'm whatever the weather tells me to be!"
Bummed him a cigarette and walked on by.

Then he called me something I didn't recognize.

A good friend asked: "Oh, how can you be so distant?"
"Man, I'm just inconsistent- I only know my path.
How could I imagine yours?"

But I'm still young enough to ask for more.

…I wrote a song for the Singer said: "Here, sing it loud!"
He forgot the melody so I'll sing it now,
and it goes:

"We fall, we fall, we follow!"